[D] Gavin Miller: Adobe Research | Artificial Intelligence Podcast

Gavin Miller is the Head of Adobe Research. Adobe have empowered artists, designers, and creative minds from all professions working in the digital medium for over 30 years with software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, InDesign, Audition that work with images, video, and audio. Adobe Research is working to define the future evolution of these products in a way that makes the life of creatives easier, automates the tedious tasks, and gives more & more time to operate in the idea space instead of pixel space. This is where the cutting-edge deep learning methods of the past decade can shine more than perhaps any other application. Gavin is the embodiment of combing tech and creativity. Outside of Adobe Research, he writes poetry & builds robots.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0mokx-iiws



0:00 – Introduction

1:11 – Poetry & crossover to creative work

6:35 – Turning one medium into another

7:45 – Creative process in both the space pixels and ideas

10:00 – Improving workflow in Adobe tools with AI

14:31 – Taking ideas from prototype to product

16:22 – Learning how to use Adobe tools

21:13 – Applications of deep learning

28:46 – Improving user experience from data

34:30 – Augmented reality and virtual reality

39:57 – Resistance to change

43:40 – Poem – Today I Left My Phone at Home

44:17 – Illusion of beauty in digital space

49:17 – Secret to a thriving research lab

55:27 – Future ideas in Adobe Research

58:13 – Robotics and animation in the physical world

1:08:01 – Poem – Cast My Ashes Wide and Far

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