Month: July 2017

Artificial Neural Network Tutorial | Deep Learning With Neural Networks | Edureka

( TensorFlow Training – ) This Edureka “Neural Network Tutorial” video (Blog: will help you to understand the basics of Neural Networks and how to use it for deep learning. It explains Single layer and Multi layer Perceptron in detail. Below are the topics covered in this tutorial: 1. Why Neural Networks? 2. …

Deep Learning Projects

Project #1: An app for the visually impaired that describes your surroundings in plain English Project #2: Vision system for autonomous vehicles Project #3: Sheet music transcription from raw audio I’m a machine learning engineer based in Jerusalem. Contact me at The code for project #2 is available on github – source


Avec Vincent Scalera, Raphaël Liot & Guillaume Gamand ! Abonne toi pour plus de Barbe : — Pour me rejoindre sur les réseaux : Tweets by NicolasMeyrieux Snapchat : nicolasmeyrieux — Musique de fin : Jeff Kaale — Mes sources pour écrire cet épisode : Big Data & Santé : danger …