Month: April 2015

Misanthrop – Big Data

Check out ‘Big Data’ by Misanthrop, part of his ‘I Need More EP’ out on Blackout Music EP. Buy ‘I Need More EP’: Beatport: Follow Misanthrop: Facebook: Soundcloud: Follow Blackout Music: Facebook: Soundcloud: All rights belong to the artist and the label. source

What is machine learning, and how does it work?

Have you heard of “machine learning“, and you’re trying to figure out exactly what that means? I’ll give you my definition, provide some examples of machine learning, and explain at a high level how machine learning “works”. Download the notebook: An Introduction to Statistical Learning: Learning Paradigms: WANT TO GET BETTER AT …

We Won! How Scala Conquered the Big Data World

In 2012, Dean Wampler claimed that Hadoop, and Big Data in general, needed Functional Programming and an alternative to Java. Today he says that Scala has successfully taken over the Big Data world. This is a talk about why. ** Scala Training from NewCircle: ** Big Data Training from NewCircle: Watch the 13 …